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Demon. Noun. \ˈdē-mən\ an evil spirit; a source or agent of evil, harm, distress, or ruin; mythology : a supernatural being whose nature is intermediate between that of a god and that of a human being



A demon is a supernatural and vengeful being historically ubiquitous in myths, occultism, religion, folklore and fiction.

As against the belief that demons do not exist by some school of thought, Dr Richard Gallagher; a professor and psychiatrist from New Zealand has a different view. He was quoted saying ‘I have encountered demons, they are very bright, more brighter than humans, they speak every language and they have been in existence for a millennia, so I believe they are real’ he concluded.



Exorcism is the religious or spiritual process of dispossessing demons or spiritual beings from a person or vicinity believed to be possessed. This practice may involve full ritual performance, oath swearing or mandating it to move out in the name of a higher power in most cases.  This is an ancient practice which many religions and cultures have adopted over time. After its deterioration in the 18th century, the practice sprang up again in the later part of the 20th century when it began attracting public and media attention. By the mid 1970s, the number of exorcisms practiced has increased. An extreme exorcism case in NZ was -


The Janet Moses Case - This case involved the death of a 22 year old Maori woman who lost her life during an exorcism ritual in 2007 of which five persons were found guilty. Medical reports showed that she died from drowning when her family members forced water down her throat during the Makutu lifting. The victim was believed to be possessed and was having a mental illness. A film ‘Belief- The Possession of Janet Moses’ have been created to depict the true story of the incident and it has won several awards in the international film festival circuit.


Cults can be described in modern English as social groups characterised by an exceptional common interest, religious, philosophical and spiritual beliefs in specific goal, object or personality. A clear definition of the term ‘cult’ is often argued among academia and dominant cultures and bone of contention in the circle of scholars in different fields. Cult groups usually differ in size as some may be locally formed with a small member ratio while others are huge with millions of members across the globe. A common cult method in New Zealand is dowsing; which is known as ‘water witching’ or ‘water divining’, this method of occultism involves the use of pendulums, sticks and metal rods to find water. These objects are believed to move, cross or twitch when they come in contact with water. Some cult organisations in NZ include:

  • Global Church of God

    Founded in 1992, this organisation bases its belief on the teachings of Herbert W. Armstrong. A breakaway faction group from Worldwide Church of God; a former cult group founded by Roderick. C. Meredith.

  • Godfuel Media Ministries

    An occult organisation that focuses its beliefs on the teachings of Ben Dunn, Bill Johnson, John Crowder and Extreme Prophetic.

  • Grail Movement Foundation, NZ

    An organisation that publishes, propagates and disseminates the teachings and beliefs of the ‘In The Light of Truth’




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